Society has lost its sense of purpose. We were watching A Handmaid’s Tale the other night, (Well I was watching, poor husband was just sort of here, semi watching because it was on.) I was saying how utterly ridiculous it is that if such a tale were to become reality, that would be how it went.

I mean, if we woke up in the near future, and the masses were sterile, leaving only a handful of fertile women, A Handmaid’s Tale is probably a scarily accurate portrayal. Fertile women, bought and sold. Used. Kept like cattle.

This is ridiculous. Ladies, they need you, not the other way around. If I were suddenly one of the only fertile woman in my area, they’d come to take me away and the conversation would literally be, ‘No. Go ahead and kill me. Narrow your gene pool (and options) even more. Smaller gene pools will generally lead to shorter lifespan. You go right ahead.’

Husband’s response to my ranting? ‘Yeah, here let me get you a science book to read. I’ll even find you one written by a man, so you’ll believe it.’ This, from a man who has always dismissed feminism as crazy.

Society has forgotten purpose. The issues are real, but we’re too hung up on being mad because a man ‘mansplained’, or ‘manspread’. We are fighting the wrong fight, and complaining that no one gets it. Wise up.


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